Enjoying Summer

Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean that your summer has to be lame.  There are plenty of activities that you can do to embrace the season without spending a pretty penny.  Read on for some of our favorites.  


Geocaching is a GPS scavenger hunt.  When you find the “cache”, you trade an item you have for something in the box.  It’s a fun way to adventure in your own city.

Party at the Park

Most parks allow people to reserve the pavilions for free, so reserve one and invite your friends over for a fun day.  Have everyone bring their favorite dish and have a potluck lunch or dinner.  Bring a frisbee or soccer ball to kick around after you are done eating, or just sit and chat.  

Dinner Group

Talk to a few of your friends and set up a weekly dinner group.  Once a week, you go to a different person’s house for a tasty meal.  Each person takes a turn hosting and preparing the meal for the group.  You can play games after the meal, or watch a movie.  

Local Events

Check your local newspaper for local events in the area.  You may be able to catch a free show, visit an art festival, walk through a farmer’s market, and more!  Many local events are free, or cost just a few dollars, so go see what your town has to offer.  

Photo Album

Travel around your town with your sweetheart or friends and take pictures for your photo album.  Then, get them printed for cheap at a local Costco or Sam’s Club, and put them in a fun album.  You could have a competition to see who can take the most creative picture.  

Outdoor Movie

Summer nights are perfect for hosting an outdoor movie.  If you have a blank wall (or a sheet) and a projector, you can watch your favorite film in the moonlight on a giant screen.  If you don’t have the supplies yourself, see what it would cost to rent them, or find out the next time your city is hosting a movie-in-the-park event.  

Read Outside

On a lazy summer afternoon, take a book outside and read by the shade of a tree.  You might discover a new passion.  

Visit Open Houses

You don’t have to be looking to buy a home to visit an open house, you can just go see the incredible homes in the area.  Just don’t lie to the real estate agent, so that they can focus their time on potential buyers.  


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