At Rulon T Burton & Associates, our focus is honed in on the Utah and Federal laws governing Bankruptcy and Divorce/Family law practices. We keep this focus to provide Utah with the best of service in these legal fields. Our expert attorneys work together to ensure the strictest level of quality control in the handling of all of our cases. This gives our clients relief while we help shoulder the burden of these complex and difficult issues.

We know that these issues are difficult enough without the invasive proceedings and rigid formality of the legal system. Let Rulon T Burton & Associates apply our vast knowledge and experience, so can feel comfortable that you are making the best decisions. Whether you are experiencing bankruptcy issues, going through a divorce, or need help sorting out the legal aspects of some family issues: we are here for you.

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Utah Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy is often associated with stress and difficulty. However, bankruptcy laws exist in part to outline the rights of both debtors and creditors. Our Utah bankruptcy legal experts can explain your options so that you understand them and will work proactively to protect your rights. While bankruptcy is undoubtedly difficult, working with Rulon T Burton & Associates will ensure that you’ll have a clear plan to move forward into the future.

Utah Divorce/Family Law

Even in the best scenarios, divorce is complicated for all parties involved. Our Utah divorce law experts can make sure that you are treated with dignity during the proceedings while they work to secure your assets. If you have children, our Utah family law experts will work to protect your rights as a parent and minimize the difficulties of the legal system on your children.

Our Utah Family Law experts can also help with many other aspects of the family dynamic, like adoption rights. Take a look and see what makes us different.